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Is Virtual Training Effective?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 25, 2021
In this time of crisis, virtual training is becoming the norm. However, many people are still confused about the effectiveness of virtual training. Many experts are saying that the effectiveness of virtual training depends on various factors. One of the major aspects of virtual training is preplanning, which is very essential for conducting very effective virtual training for your team. According to experts, there are four major components that determine the effectiveness of a virtual training session. Let’s take a look at which those are.

Email Tips That Will Benefit Sales And Marketing Teams During This Pandemic

Michael Finnigan
Mar 22, 2021
We can say that this pandemic has taught us a thing or two about many aspects of our lives. Many brands have discovered new potentials and figured out how to improve their business. The customers and clients have also realized new potentials during this pandemic.

Top Mobile Customer Trends From 2020

Michael Finnigan
Mar 18, 2021
COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. This pandemic dramatically impacted how we work, socialize, learn, entertain, and live our lives these days. We have also started to interact with our favorite restaurants, apps, stores, and other service providers differently. It is very hard to find a person who has not used online services to order groceries or had a virtual doctor appointment last year.

Useful Technologies That Reemerged In 2020

Michael Finnigan
Mar 15, 2021
Many experts believe that most technologies that shined last year will have a major role to play in the upcoming years. These technologies will allow the companies to provide their customers with more secure and reliable access to resources. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that remerged in 2020 that will prove their worth in the years to come.

What Makes A Recruitment Manager Great?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 11, 2021
In what way can you demonstrate that you are concerned about that potential employee and making an impression on them right through the recruitment procedure? Strong processes and systems, plus technology, can help you to confirm that applicants remain engaged and excited in the whole process.

How To Improve As A Leader During In A Crisis

Michael Finnigan
Mar 08, 2021
Anyhow, this situation is more than just a chance to show how capable you are to deal with difficulty. Challenging situations possibly aid you in actively making your skills as a leader better. Are you unsure of your leadership abilities? Or, do you just wish to be better at this for your organization? Either way, you should think about the following to improve your present strengths and address any flaws you have as a leader.

How To Change Your Sales In The Normalcy Future

Michael Finnigan
Mar 04, 2021
This coronavirus pandemic will go away and a period of normalcy will return again. At that time, will sales be identical to what it was before COVID-19? The pandemic changed how we live and sell, plus it upended sales processes. In-person discussions might not occur in the same way as it did before for quite a while. Remote presentations are part of the new normal, and sales engagement programs are important.

Why Video Content Will Stay Vital To Business Even Post Pandemic

Michael Finnigan
Mar 01, 2021
Although there is a vaccine supply, businesses have to be ready for ordinances to continue to remain at home for a few more months before things somewhat get back to normal again. Almost every non-essential business had to completely shut down or discover a different way of interacting with buyers that avoids physical contact. More and more businesses have relied on video and included it in their technology tools, or they have made systems that aid in maintaining connections while following social distancing norms.

Ways Of Making Staff Members Continue To Learn At Work

Michael Finnigan
Jan 14, 2021
Companies could not achieve their business objectives if they lack a dedicated and qualified labor force. With new technologies arising, it has become more and more useful to have on-the-job (OJT) training programs in enhancing workers’ practical skills and soft skills. Anyhow, there is more to learning when at work than formal training. Enterprises have to be creative to make workers keep honing their expertise.

Why Workplace Diversity Causes You To Be An Improved Leader

Michael Finnigan
Jan 11, 2021
A place of work becomes diverse when it has individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures. This results in an approach characterized by innovation, as well as new ideas. Businesses that accept diversity are thought to have higher levels of employee engagement, increased revenues, and lower staff turnover.